Confessions of a Hitman - Brand New UK Commission Exclusive to Crime + Investigation

Crime + Investigation Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 11:30

In a brand new and exclusive UK commission for Crime + Investigation® (CI), Confessions of a Hitman investigates the case of John Childs: possibly Britain’s most prolific hitman, and one of the most mysterious, cold-blooded killers ever known.

Featuring insightful commentary from experts in criminology and forensic psychology, Confessions of a Hitman unravels the chilling tale of a contract killer whose name you probably won’t even recognise – a man who claims to have butchered six people, including the killings of a haulage contractor and his 10-year-old son, George and Terry Brett, in a teddy bear factory in Dagenham.

In pursuit of what he described as the “perfect” kill, John Childs has confessed to committing a series of calculated and gruesome murders between 1974 and 1978, allegedly working alongside accomplices Henry “Big H” MacKenny and Terry Pinfold.

Mystery has always surrounded these macabre cases, as no bodies were ever found, and some of his claimed victims had not even been reported as missing. When psychological assessments were conducted on Childs, the tests diagnosed him as a pathological liar and resulted in the evidence he had given in court becoming inadmissible, eventually leading to the acquittal of MacKenny and Pinfold in 2003.

With chilling and grisly re-enactments of his murders and confessions, this fast-paced, one hour special, produced by 40 Partners exclusively for CI, documents the revelations made by Childs about his alleged crimes, from his dismissal from the army in his younger years following burglary charges, to details of how Childs claims he and MacKenney meticulously disposed of their victims by burning the bodies in the fireplace of Childs’ East London council flat.

Many questions remain over the whereabouts of John Childs’ victims and the truth behind his confessions to crimes that remain unproven – did he really murder these people in cold blood, or is he actually Britain’s biggest pathological liar?

Searching for answers to shocking allegations made by one of Britain’s most enigmatic criminals, Confessions of a Hitman premieres on Sunday 26 April at 9pm, only on CI (Sky 553, Virgin 237, BT 433 and TalkTalk 433).