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8M Illustraciones

Gender equality continues to be the greatest global challenge for human rights, according to the United Nations. This is why the world celebrates International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, a date that is still needed to remind us of women’s struggles to achieve true equality and ensure that all women can fully exercise their rights. As part of its commitment to society, COSMO is taking part in the occasion once again with two inspirational awareness campaigns, as well as a special programming.


In honour of March 8th, COSMO is presenting a remarkable project in which 8 renowned illustrators join forces to create an original commemorative poster for International Women’s Day. 2024 is the fourth consecutive year in which we have brought 8 creative minds together. From their personal perspective, and with full creative freedom, these artists express the essence of this significant day. 

This selection of 8 commemorative posters per year constitutes a valuable display collection designed to raise awareness and promote values education. At present we have a collection of 32 original works created by 29 artists committed to this cause. Our intention is to make a travelling exhibition of it and take it to various public cultural centres across Spain. The first exhibition will take place in Madrid at Centro Cultural Arganzuela between the 8th and 26th of March.

The 8 artists taking part in the project in 2024 are Beatriz Ramo (Naranjalidad), Carmen Segovia, Helena Pérez, Isabel Muguruza, Lara Lars, Laura Agustí, Sonia Alins and Violeta Noy. Recognized at national and international level for their contributions to Penguin Books, The Financial Times, National Geographic, Vogue, The Daily Telegraphthe BBC, Correos (the Spanish postal service), Google and the Thyssen Museum, these creators offer their unique perspectives on feminism, forming an unparalleled collection of works that reflects their concerns about this issue. 

The 8 posters will be available in high quality on the COSMO website so that everyone can download, print, and enjoy them.


Every year, COSMO uses its position in the media to champion Women’s Day, to highlight the inequalities that still exist and start new conversations on and around this date. Sport is one area where women are disappointingly still subject to discrimination.

In Spain barely 1% of commercial sponsorships are directed towards women’s sport. Studies show that women’s sport only receive 5% of media coverage and that 43% of teenagers think that there are not enough female role models. One study reveals that 70% of teenagers stop doing sport because they feel that the clothing they need to use sexualizes them. 

Sportswomen are discriminated against from the time they go to school and even when they become professionals and elite practitioners. This summer, the Spanish Women’s Football team, the world champions, had to make a protest, shaking up the world of sport and Spanish society as a whole.

To talk about all this we have interviewed five award-winning elite sportswomen personalities, the basketball player Amaya Valdemoro; synchronized swimmer Gemma Mengual; boxer Joana Pastrana, karateka Sandra Sánchez, paralympic triathlete Eva Moral, and the well-known sports journalist Paloma del Río. COSMO will broadcast clips of all these interviews coinciding with March 8 and will subsequently publish them on its website and social networks.

COSMO will also celebrate International Women's Day throughout its programming with the acclaimed miniseries Nolly and the film Emily. In addition, the 10th of March COSMO will premiere the second season of Mismatch, a French procedural starred by two very different sisters that have to work together.

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