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Our Purpose

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Our mission, vision and purpose

Our vision is to be famous for sharing stories that matter; unique, trusted, entertaining, and everywhere. Stories open our eyes to our beautiful, complex, and captivating world. Our purpose is to help our viewers enjoy and understand life and all its ills and glory. Whether our stories challenge intellectually or simply entertain, we know that we strive to make a positive difference to our audiences, across the globe.

Sharing stories that matter

To make sense of the swirling, pulsing kaleidoscope of life, humans have always told stories. Through stories we share our joys, passions, fears and sorrows that help us understand each other and our place in the world. At A+E Networks EMEA, we try to add to that vast canon of human existence, by sharing the most compelling, inspiring and entertaining stories, that bring alive the past and confront the present. Stories can be brutal or beautiful and we’re passionate to share them all.


At A+E Networks we agree that Content is King: so we want our premium programmes to be seen by as many people as possible. From pay-tv platforms to social media feeds, we strive to be EVERYWHERE.

We partner with leading platforms such as Sky, Vodafone, Amazon, Pluto, YouTube, and TikTok to ensure that our quality content is readily available to a wide audience: whoever and wherever they are - via our branded channels, digital products, and curated FAST channels.

Our most recent venture allowed us to bring Crime+Investigation Play direct to our consumers, offering the UK the world’s first dedicated true-crime streaming service. Our core genres of history and true-crime have found a new, exciting following on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.

We embrace the latest technology, keeping abreast of what audiences want to watch and how they want to watch it whilst always producing meaningful commercial results and long-lasting relationships with our partners.

Making a Difference

We’ve always strived to use our global voice to bring into the light causes that are important to us and create positive change in our communities. Over the years, we’ve reached out to women isolated by domestic violence to show that there is a community of support available; we’ve championed our staff members when they wanted to have a voice, and we’ve helped the environment, which is our future. In more ways than one, we want to bring people together and make a difference.

Industry Recognition Awards

Our compelling factual entertainment has received glittering industry recognition across the EMEA region. In the UK, Sky HISTORY won Channel of the Year in the 2022 Broadcast Digital Awards for a 'slate of quality shows and impressive commercial performance.' Broadcast, the leading UK industry magazine, had already recognised A+E Networks EMEA as the Best Place to Work in TV. Our South African team won gold for Best Outdoor or Print Ad in the Promax Awards for HISTORY Channel Africa's Icons of Music campaign, while 'Italy by Train,' a digital campaign on the HISTORY Channel, received a gold award at Promax Global Excellence in Italy. Over in Spain, COSMO TV's raw and original transgender production, 17 Minutos con Nora, has garnered 10 prizes and counting in over 50 film festivals. For the International Eyes and Ears Awards, recognising outstanding audio-visual media, our team in Germany won Best Online Presence. While next door in Poland, we received one of the most critical accolades in the Polish TV market, the Titanium Eye Award, for its social media campaign supporting Born This Way, a docu-series on Down Syndrome adults.