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Make a Difference

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We have launched important social issues and delivered some thought-provoking initiatives that we hope will inspire you; they certainly made an impact on us.

Our EMEA 'End Abuse Against Women' initiative

Our End Abuse Against Women corporate social responsibility activity has helped women suffering domestic abuse, raising awareness of such an underreported crime.  Our teams across EMEA have been working with local charities, ambassadors, organisations and influencers to make a difference.

War on Women short film

A woman looks sharply behind her, down the poorly lit alley. A man across the street slurs for her to stop. She pulls out her phone, pretending to be on a call. The footsteps of another man get louder as they approach her. She fans her housekeys between her knuckles, ready… A simple walk home at night can be frightening for women, and for some, deadly. Galvanised by the shocking murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, two A+E Networks EMEA employees said, ‘No more.’ Our Reception and Office Administrator Christina Tomlin (who features in the short film) and Creative Juan Cruz, made the short film 'War on Women Vol. I: The Walk Home' to bring alive the dangers, and to educate people on how to help.

Our period poverty campaign in South Africa

In September 2021 A+E Networks Africa, in partnership with South African based NGO Ashraful Aid, launched a meaningful social outreach project focused on addressing period poverty. The initiative was aimed at helping ease the burden of period poverty experienced by thousands of schoolgirls across South Africa. Throughout the campaign, viewers were encouraged to donate towards period hygiene boxes containing sanitary and hygiene products, helping schoolgirls ensure their schooling didn’t have to stop when their period started. A+E Networks Africa was also awarded a Silver Promax award locally.

Beach cleaning in Poland

Whether treading icy, storm-lashed seas or waist-deep in mud, nothing deters the weather-beaten amber hunters on Poland’s Baltic coast. The story of these characters who feed the country’s prolific amber industry is one that A+E Networks Poland brought to life in The Hunt for Baltic Gold. To complement this five-part series, the Polish team held a Pure Baltic Gold Event: a gala of beach cleaning, eco workshops, a quiz competition and eco-friendly gifts for the game volunteers. Held on the amber-rich but heavily polluted Gdańsk-Brzeźno beach in 2021, the event exemplified the network’s green commitment.

Our Bergwaldprojekt in Germany

Conscious of climate change and everyone’s responsibility to act, A+E Networks Germany introduced various initiatives to improve the company’s ecological footprint. From providing sustainable lunch boxes to supporting public transportation tickets, A+E Networks Germany also is joining Ökoprofit, an Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection, to reduce waste, raw materials, water, and energy costs. A+Networks Germany supported the Bergwaldprojekt, with the team members spending one day off to plant more than 500 trees in the endangered Bavarian mountain forest.

Breast cancer and COSMO

Supporting women who are enduring breast cancer or who have lost loved ones to the disease, COSMO TV has been an official partner of the Women’s Race Against Breast Cancer since 2005. Held every year in cities across Spain, the race becomes a river of pink solidarity, of women drawing strength and joy from each other. The inflatable COSMO arch stands proud at the finish line, celebrating an event that raises awareness of the disease and promotes healthier lifestyles. Together with the race, we make donations to a range of charities supporting cancer research and other issues that impact women’s lives.