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COSMO launches online breast cancer clinic in partnership with CRIS Cancer Foundation

cosmo and cris contra el cancer

A team of oncology experts will be answering questions throughout the month of October on the COSMO website.

This Wednesday, October 19th, is World Breast Cancer Awareness Day and, for yet another year, COSMO has launched an awareness campaign to draw the public's attention to this disease and the importance of research in the fight against it. In collaboration with CRIS Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to financing research projects that accelerate and bring innovative treatments to patients who do not respond to conventional therapies, COSMO has created an online clinic where Internet users can ask their questions to a team of professionals provided by CRIS through the website

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in the world and the most frequent form of cancer among women. Nearly 35,000 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year in Spain, and it is estimated that one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer to some degree in their lifetime. Thanks to research, the survival rate for this disease is around 80%. But there is still work to be done to ensure that 100% of patients recover.

Throughout the month of October, a group of oncology experts from CRIS Cancer Foundation in Spain, CRIS contra el cáncer, will be answering medical questions, queries and doubts through COSMO’s digital clinic. Jesús Sánchez, Project Director at CRIS contra el cáncer, will be coordinating the responses with different researchers, physicians and breast cancer specialists, making scientific evidence available to the public.

Also collaborating in this campaign are Dr. Miguel Quintela, Director of the CRIS Breast Cancer Clinical Research Unit at the CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Center), and Marta Cardona, Director of CRIS contra el cáncer. In addition, two breast cancer survivors, Ana Patau and Pepa Andrade, will share their personal experience with cancer and send a message of hope to women who are currently going through this process.

The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer research in order to develop new treatments. In addition, COSMO and CRIS Cancer Foundation are working to normalize conversations around cancer as a part of life, address any questions the audience may have about the disease, and promote prevention and early detection.

The COSMO online clinic will be active throughout the month of October on All videos can be found on the COSMO website and its social networks.

In addition, COSMO has extended its collaboration with the Carrera de la mujer (Women's Race), which this year runs across nine cities around Spain. As the official television of the largest women's event in Europe, COSMO is promoting and publicizing this race for solidarity in all its media.

COSMO is a leading pay TV channel available on all major Spanish platforms. The channel is part of the A+E Networks EMEA portfolio, a leading media group that delivers programming to more than 76 million households in 100 countries.

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