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Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up. Mondays from 10 June on Crime+Investigation and Crime+Investigation Play

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up will premiere on Monday 10th June at 9pm on Crime+Investigation and Crime+Investigation Play

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up will premiere on Monday 10th June at 9pm on Crime+Investigation and Crime+Investigation Play

Crime+Investigation is set to air Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Upexclusively in the UK from Monday 10th June. The 8x60 docu-series chronicles Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s life as a free woman following her release from prison and follows her story since The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard which aired on the channel in February 2024

The series was produced by Category 6 Media™, part of the A+E Factual Studios™ to premiere globally on the A+E Networks channel Lifetime this June in the US.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up picks up immediately from the days before her release from prison on 28th December 2023, and follows her experiences as she reconnects with family and moves in with her husband Ryan Anderson for the first time.   

The series is an authentic, raw, and revealing look at Gypsy’s new life on the outside, exploring everything from the joyful moments that come with having autonomy over her decisions for the first time, to the challenges of navigating life and relationships while facing her past, including the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother, and Gypsy’s own notoriety and fame. 

In this delayed-coming-of-age story, Gypsy (32) must reconcile the pop-culture, celebrity version of herself while trying to forge her brand-new identity in a “normal” world as wife, sister, daughter, and most of all - a free woman.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up is a Category 6 Media™ production, part of the A+E Factual Studios™ group, with Sharon Scott, Laura Fleury, Leane Vandeman and Melissa Moore executive producing. Brie Miranda Bryant and Nicole Vogel executive produce for Lifetime. A+E Networks has worldwide distribution rights for the series.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up will premiere on Crime+Investigation and Crime+Investigation PLAY from Monday 10th June at 9pm.  

Programme Information:

Through exclusive access to Gypsy Rose after her release from prison on 28th December 2023, this new series witnesses the story of her life, what led to her mother's murder, and happens next. This documentary series follows Gypsy’s new life on the outside and the challenges of navigating life and relationships whilst facing her past. Gypsy (32) will reveal details about the full extent of her abuse and the depth of control by her mother, her earlier attempts to escape, and her relationship with Nick Godejohn and more. 

Exclusive interviews with Gypsy and those closest to her – including family, friends, and Ryan – alongside never-before-seen photos, videos, and evidence, brings new insights to this complex story. 

Illuminating interviews with psychological experts contextualise the impact a life of manipulation has had on Gypsy and how that will affect her future.

Episode Information:

Episode 1 - So this is Freedom?

With the world watching in anticipation, and her family eagerly awaiting a reunion, Gypsy Rose Blanchard is released from prison after serving eight and a half years for her role in the murder of her mother. In her first 12 hours of freedom, Gypsy is chased by paparazzi, threatened with a parole violation if she doesn’t leave the state of Missouri immediately, and reveals whether she has consummated her marriage.  Gypsy’s first taste of freedom leaves her fearful of going back to prison.

Episode 2 - Independence is Scary

Fearing a violation of her probation, Gypsy works to resolve issues with her parole officer. Ryan questions Kristy’s motivations when he learns she’s been in contact with Gypsy’s ex-fiancé, Ken. Gypsy settles into her new life in Lake Charles but having been dependent on her mother her entire existence, she worries about what she can contribute to her marriage with Ryan. Rod and Gypsy share a father-daughter moment three decades in the making.

Episode 3 - Is This My Life?

During a whirlwind trip to New York City, Gypsy Rose comes face to face with her newfound celebrity status, but quickly starts to question if she’s cut out for the spotlight.  As the outpouring of love on social media suddenly gives way to hateful DMs and death threats, Gypsy tries to tune out the noise and focus instead on her journey towards self-acceptance and planning a wedding reception with Ryan.

Episode 4 - Ghosts of The Past

After their press trip and makeshift honeymoon to NYC, Gypsy and Ryan travel to her family's home in Cut Off, Louisiana to confront memories of her past. To symbolize her unique journey, Gypsy gets a tattoo at her cousin’s tattoo shop and grapples with the relationships on her mother’s side of the family. Once she returns home to Lake Charles, Gypsy learns that her ex, Ken, is eager to reconnect, throwing her into an emotional tailspin.


Hoping to make their connection stronger, Gypsy and Ryan add to their family and adopt a puppy named Pixie. But when Gypsy tells Mia that she may be pregnant, things in their lives take a turn and Mia begs Gypsy to do something about it. Ryan becomes enraged learning that Gypsy is telling not only her sister, but the world, about their sex life. He hits a major trauma trigger for Gypsy when she compares his controlling behavior to her mom’s. And for the first time ever, Gypsy’s ex-fiancé, Ken, is interviewed.

Episode 6 – I DON’T WANT TO BE ME

With lifelong insecurities about her looks, Gypsy starts on a path to change her physical appearance while Ryan’s own insecurities bubble to the surface. More than two months after Gypsy’s release, Rod feels jealous of everyone’s alone time with his daughter, so he and Gypsy experience some firsts they never had the chance to do. With emotions high, Gypsy confides in Kristy that her feelings for her ex-fiancé, Ken, haven’t changed, revealing doubts about her future with Ryan.

Episode 7 - ARE YOU HAPPY?  

During Gypsy’s trip to Cut Off without Ryan, he sends her a text that sets their relationship into a downward spiral. Back in Lake Charles, Gypsy gets a call from her parole officer about social media sending her into a tailspin about going back to prison. Still reeling from their argument, Ryan and Gypsy go on a date to talk about their issues that ends with Ryan breaking down. After admitting she’s in touch with Ken and needing some space from her relationship, Gypsy asks her family to help her get out of Lake Charles.


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