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The Blind Detective

The Blind Detective

On Monday, 10 June, at 10:30 pm, COSMO premieres The Blind Detective, a successful Austrian and German co-production which was watched by more than 5 million viewers, 20% of the total share. Set in Vienna, this original crime series features a remarkable pair of detectives, the retired police inspector Alex Haller (Philipp Hochmair), whose blindness is compensated by his other senses, and Nikolai Falk (Andreas Guenther), a Berlin taxi-driver who starts out as his helper but ends up becoming an indispensable ally.

The Blind Detective starts with the murder of the public prosecutor Kara Hoffman. A car bomb, apparently intended for Alexander Haller, explodes right in front of the astonished detective, who can do nothing to save her girlfriend. The incident leaves the inspector blind and brooding alone over the idea that he was the target. He takes his pistol and catches a taxi to a remote spot to end his live. However, the taxi driver, Nikolai Falk, prevents his suicide.

Alex finds a reason to live when the criminal who blew up his car escapes from prison. With the help of Niko, now hired as his personal driver, Alex conducts his own investigation to seek justice and to find out what actually happened that day.

Each episode of The Blind Detective, a series made up of eleven 90-minute episodes, sees Alex and Niko investigate an unsettling case: the kidnapping of Haller’s sister, the death by fire of a school director, a deadly photograph of the Empress Sissi or a double murder on the banks of the Danube. 

With its magnificent camerawork and spectacular locations, The Blind Detective is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna.COSMO viewers will enjoy the Academy of Fine Arts, the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the famous Prater and its amusement park, the Danube Canal or the Central Cemetery.

The Blind Detective’s formula proved highly popular in Austria and Germany. The premiere of the series on ARD, the German public television channel, attracted 5.25 million viewers, an audience share of 20.4%. The number of viewers grew every week, reaching nearly six million viewers and earning a share of more than 22%. ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, showed the series to around 500,000 viewers, with an average share of 20%.

COSMO premieres The Blind Detective on Monday, 10 June, at 10:30 pm (CET). The show will be available on COSMO ON, COSMO's video-on-demand service. 

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