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Crime + Investigation Benelux

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Crime + Investigation takes viewers and true crime enthusiasts on a bold search for the truth. We strive to understand how and why criminals act, demystifying the motivations of the perpetrators and telling the brave and often tragic stories of the survivors and victims. Working with detectives, experts, forensic analysts, and criminal psychologists, we create award-winning and ground-breaking investigative documentaries such as Surviving Jeffrey Epstein and Secrets of Playboy. Advocacy is integral to what we do; we expose injustices and attempt to prevent violent and non-violent crimes against women, children, and the vulnerable through the stories we tell. Crime + Investigation is available via all major operators, KPN, Ziggo, and Telenet, across the Netherlands and Belgium.

510k monthly average reach* *2022 Monthly Avg. Reach (All 15+)

Watch on Ziggo, KPN and Caiway Delta in The Netherlands, and on Telenet in Belgium

Our commercial breaks retain 94% of viewers

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A race against the clock

For homicide detectives, the first 48 hours is everything. Once that line is breached without a lead, the odds of solving a case are cut in half. Each passing hour means more time for suspects to flee and for crucial evidence to be lost. The First 48 is a gritty, fast-paced race against the clock as detectives and homicide teams work furiously to solve breaking cases.

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