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About our values

Think Next, Own It, Fight as a Family, Win as a Team, Love What You Do, and Be You: we believe in our five core principles and strive to embrace them in everything we do. We look out for the best professionals but also the best humans out there.

Think Next

When change comes knocking, we’ve seen it walking down the drive and are ready to open the door. This is what Thinking Next is all about – anticipating and embracing change. We are a company of forward thinkers and future sculptors, who are excited to seize the opportunities that tomorrow brings. In an industry that has undergone digital, interactive and social media revolutions in just a few decades, we never stay still. We are always sharp-eyed for the next trend and invent accordingly, challenging how we do things along the way. Thinking Next is also thinking big. Be ambitious, lift your head and aim for the horizon.

Own It

Ideas can be small electrical charges of imagination or they can burn brighter than the Sun; either way, they power us. Ideas are our future and we encourage everyone to not only unlock their potential to create, but to tell us about it, to have a voice. Original thinking can be intimidating with plenty of hurdles ahead, but be brave, commit to it, run with it and Own It. We embrace responsibility and spur each other to treat our successes and missteps the same - as opportunities to learn. Only then can we be our best selves. 

Fight as a Family, Win as a Team

Disagreement can be healthy, it confronts assumptions, stress-tests even the strongest of ideas and is a welcome part of teamwork - for challenge is as integral as collaboration. But we Fight as a Family, Win as a Team. Once we’ve solved our differences, we unite, to pull together for the success of the project. We work at our best when we work as one, which is why building friendships is so important to us. Come rain or shine, whether we’re celebrating each other’s wins or learning from our failures, we’re in it together. 

Love What You Do

Passion is loving something even when it’s challenging. It’s that thing that drives you on, when obstacles stand in front of you, the unflinching belief in what you do. We are passionate about our brands and content, enthusiastic to make them the best they can be. And enthusiasm is infectious, it flowers in a company that is proud of its people. We want everyone to Love What You Do, to channel their passions and interests inside of work and out, as magic is only created when you have fire in your soul.

Be You

We believe that difference is unifying, that diversity in our people and opinions isn’t dividing, but it galvanises us. So we champion what makes each one of us unique, supporting people professionally and emotionally along the way. Creativity and originality bloom when people feel valued, respected and heard, whatever their story. So be unafraid, be honest with yourself and others, and Be You. Even a meek soul can become a megawatt personality that shines with potential and passion. Your time is now and anything that makes you different, makes us all stronger.