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Life at A+E Networks EMEA

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We work hard, and we play hard. Life at A+E Networks EMEA is never dull. A birthday to celebrate? A special guest speaker? A training opportunity? A day in the office with your kids? We have it all covered. No boundaries when it comes to new ideas, either!

Diversity and inclusion

At A+E Networks EMEA, we embrace and celebrate our differences as unique strengths. We are continuing to grow our diverse workforce and inclusive culture as a shining example within the TV industry. We are proud of these qualities as a company and culture but recognise that there is still much for us to continue to develop and learn, together. On-screen we value our programming and channels as a trusted source of information and inspiration, and ensure we use this unique position to challenge preconceptions and offer new perspectives to our audiences.

'HISTORY Pride Parade, Romania 2022'
Image source: Inquam Photos / George Calin


For a global company with staff spanning three continents, staying connected is vital. And at A+E Networks EMEA we’re all about the BASE, our custom app just for our teams. This is our EMEA connection, our online communication platform that pulls everyone together, be they in London, Rome or Johannesburg. It’s an open channel through which staff can receive important updates from our Managing Director Dean Possenniskie, news of the success of our programming across EMEA and, no less important, a colleague’s new baby pics! So whatever you want to see or share  – a new partnership, a fab new promo, the best place to grab lunch next to your office  - the BASE keeps us all connected.

Social events

Coming together as a company excites us: seeing everyone engage and celebrate our successes and new opportunities across the company. We stand and deliver – literally, in regular all-staff Stand Up Meetings. We regularly invite a diverse range of guest speakers to inform and inspire our teams on relevant topics. The VAL Awards, held at the end of each year, allow us to vote for our colleagues who best embody the company’s values, winning a famous VALS trophy to take home for the mantlepiece.

EMEA Content and Creative Summits

Rome didn’t know what had hit it! Descending on the Eternal City were the most exciting creatives, mould-breakers and future-shapers that A+E Networks EMEA has to offer. Everyone had gathered from three continents to exchange ideas, learn about new team cultures and showcase their programming and marketing talent, as part of our 2022 EMEA Content and Creative Summit. This was us living one of our core purposes as championed by Managing Director Dean Possenniskie: Sharing Stories That Matter. And there was a lot of passion, creativity and excellence to share, given that all staff across the EMEA had been invited.