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Employee Resource Groups

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Our Employee Resource Groups are our strength and pride. They care and we care too. If you have an interest or a passion and want to make a difference inside and outside the workplace, there are so many groups you can join, and if there isn’t one for you, we are happy to form new ones.


Whatever your race, sexuality, gender or age, at A+E Networks EMEA we want to champion you and your difference. And this ethos is best exemplified by Belong. Belong is an EMEA-wide group, created by our staff to raise awareness and develop diversity & inclusion across the company. We grow awareness, understanding and appreciation of inclusion, giving people a greater voice while listening, elevating, reaching out, and educating. We believe in and share the value of inclusion for everyone, in the office, on-screen, and within the wider community.

Women @ A+E Networks EMEA

From maternity leave to menopause, the female experience and professional journey can differ at times from that of our male colleagues. As an employee group, we celebrate A+E Networks EMEA’s sisterhood and amplify the voices of women across our company. We aim to provide women with moments of inspiration and to laud successes, bringing everyone together to champion gender equality – whether that’s inspirational guest speakers, specific development opportunities, or hearing the stories from our own amazing women and male allies.

Family @ A+E Networks EMEA

We set up the Family employee group to help mums and dads feel comfortable returning to work after their maternity or paternity leave. Hitting the ground running isn’t easy after a period away, so we aim to make the landing as positive as possible by reviewing the processes to support returning employees. In addition, we are here not only for new parents but also those hoping to have a family in the future. We aim to bring awareness around fertility journeys, pregnancy loss and menopause. The group is not only about parental leave but it also aims to support employees who are caring for older family members.


If your fingers twitch for the latest tech, the Beyond Group is for you. Discover new gadgets, gear and software with us as we provide a platform for employees to explore this fast-changing interest. Having as many of us as possible drooling over the latest kit is crucial to the future growth of A+E Networks EMEA, so we provide opportunities to learn new skills and delve into the latest digital trends. In addition, we hope to spark your curiosity and create a community around technology and the broader digital world. 

Green Team

We all care about the environment, but sometimes even the greenest of intentions can get wastepaper-binned in a fast-paced office. We are an employee group that tries to find constructive, sustainable, and pragmatic solutions that people can adopt at work and at home. Each office across the EMEA has its own eco-friendly initiatives, along with simple tweaks to processes and behaviours that lighten our collective environmental footprint. Our Carbon offset policy on business flights and membership of Albert - the home of environmental sustainability for film + TV – are examples of the influence this group has had on our company. So whether it’s a team building exercise cleaning a beach in Italy, or litter picking in a forest in Germany – our green credentials are always front of mind.

Mental Health First Aiders

We believe that creating a positive balance in life gets the best out of our teams; we should be working to live, not living to work. That is A+E Networks EMEA’s ethos, but having an enjoyable, enriching, and friendly working environment doesn’t happen accidentally. We can all make a difference, and the Wellbeing Champions are the go-to group for ideas about how to improve office life. We welcome suggestions from anyone and everyone, as we aim to better an individual’s experience, making their department as friendly and as perky to work in as possible, both virtually and in real life. In addition, this group will signpost the resources that exist and are available to support us all through the toughest times, such as the Employee Assistance Programs and our very own Mental Health First Aiders.