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Nazarene Khan

Regional Director, Africa

With a passion for the positive and lasting impact that TV can have on an audience, Nazarene Khan, as the Regional Director of A+E Networks Africa, champions the brand’s ground-breaking content across the continent.
She leads the A+E Networks Africa team based in Johannesburg, maintaining strong, local, collaborative partnerships. 

At the heart of her leadership style is her commitment to lifelong learning. She advocates that for anyone to lead themselves, their business and even their family, they must be on a continuous learning adventure. Something she demonstrates herself, given the personal skills certificates she has acquired. Also a life coach, Nazarene actively seeks out opportunities for her team to learn and grow beyond their current roles. 

A student of psychology too, she places emphasis on ensuring a healthy work-life balance: valuing the importance of bringing one’s whole self to work, while carving out downtime for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 
Nazarene was originally brought into the A+E Networks EMEA family as Head of Marketing and Sponsorship in 2016, where she didn’t shy away from bold campaigns. Femicide in South Africa is five times the global average, which is why Nazarene and her team felt it pertinent to run their HandsOffWomen campaign in 2016, alongside self-defence workshops for viewers. Then in 2019, through a local crime documentary Loved Like Crazy on Crime + Investigation Africa, they brought a new lens to gender-based violence.

Nazarene was promoted to Regional Manager in March 2020. She is proud that A+E Networks Africa has given a platform to local people and their stories. Through Lifetime’s Fempire campaign South African women celebrated their achievements and those of other women. “And,” she says, “we’re in the process of giving HISTORY Channel Africa a local voice through short-form content that celebrates local figures and records African stories.”
With more than two decades in broadcast media, Nazarene has built her reputation at various media outlets in South Africa. Before A+E Networks Africa, while Marketing Manager at East Coast Radio she grew the station’s Toy Story outreach project to become one of the biggest charity drives in the country. She is also credited with creating and launching two mass participation events that are now highlights on the region’s calendar. Nazarene’s career has also seen her head up Trade Marketing at a local production company and play a pioneering role in Kagiso Media starting up a brand-new television channel. 

At home, Nazarene loves refurbishing old furniture and is learning the ins and outs of having a veggie garden. The self-confessed ‘girl mom, cat mom and dog mom’ also enjoys spending down time with her extended family. 

A photograph of Nazarene Khan
A photograph of Nazarene Khan