A+E Networks Diversity Mission Statement:

The diversity of ideas and individual human characteristics drive our business. They are the essential pillars that make our company strong as we strive to fulfill our mission of engaging viewers every day.

Diversity enriches our lives, our company and individual performance. Our efforts to understand and value differences contribute to the creativity, innovation and excellence of A+E Networks’ programs, products and services.

Because our programmes, products and services are only as good as the people who create them, we are committed to high ethical values and to creating a workplace where employees are encouraged to strive for professional excellence. The diversity of our workforce plays an increasingly important role in meeting this commitment. Diversity extends beyond race, colour, creed or sexual orientation. Diversity is that combination of traits and characteristics that makes each of us unique and brings us together to achieve our goals. Diversity is about respect, openness, innovation and knowledge. It’s what we practise in our business.