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History is alive

Sky HISTORY showcases how the past is alive and kicking: enthralling viewers with high-calibre factual entertainment. Sky HISTORY is one of the UK’s best-loved pay-TV brands, available on Sky and its NOW service, as well as on Virgin and TalkTalk.

Sky HISTORY won Channel of the Year (non-PSB Group) at the 2022 Broadcast Digital Awards

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Professor Alice Roberts breathes new life into ancient history

Journey back in time with Sky HISTORY and Professor Alice Roberts to explore the catastrophic events that decimated ancient civilisations, prompted massive human migration and ultimately shaped the modern world. From wars and earthquakes to floods and famines, these devasting incidents are covered in the five-part series: Curse of the Ancients with Alice Roberts. Professor Alice Roberts (Digging for Britain, Britain’s Most Historic Towns) reveals how scientists are unearthing the evidence of cataclysmic past events and their disastrous consequences. While ancient societies couldn’t truly understand the causes of their plight and thought themselves cursed, the series determines the true reasons behind these occurrences by using modern science.

Sky HISTORY boasts the very best in class factual entertainment and innovative talent-led original programming. We create and share stories that matter so that our viewers can enjoy and understand the changing world we live in.

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