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COSMO is a TV series, film, and entertainment channel. We are all about empowering women, and are one of the most recognised and loved pay-tv channels in Spain. COSMO is the home to internationally acclaimed shows such as The Newsreader or Call my Agent, and prestigious entertainment programs such as The Graham Norton Show or MasterChef, along with the blockbuster movies. 

COSMO reaches more than 7 million households nationwide, available on all the leading pay-tv platforms in Spain (Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Agile TV, MásMóvil, Euskaltel, R, Virgin, Telecable, or Guuk). In addition, our viewers can enjoy the entire tv-series and their favourite shows from the first episode on COSMO ON, COSMO's on-demand service, which is available on all the key pay-tv platforms.

COSMO carries out impactful and innovative initiatives to promote inclusion, raise awareness of gender equality and give a voice to disadvantaged groups. Various awards have recognised our efforts.  The main initiatives are targeted at giving visibility to the LGBTQ community, raising awareness for women's rights (pay gap, glass ceiling...), fighting violence against women, and raising awareness of breast cancer (with the active participation in the sports festival "La Carrera de la Mujer" -''Women's Race Against Breast Cancer'').

COSMO in Spain reach 6 million homes

Watch on all PPV platforms in Spain

COSMO ON is our on-demand service

COSMO strive to take action on numerous social issues, (LGBTI, Women´s day, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence)

Paris Police 1900

COSMO premiered Paris Police 1900 for the first time in Spain, a shocking crime drama about the darker, true side of the Belle Époque. Inspired by the turbulent events in Paris at the end of the 19th century and with the famous Dreyfus case as a backdrop, this crime series narrates a disturbing story that speaks directly to the present.
Murders, blackmail, riots, and conspiracies take place in the City of Light in 1899. Harassed by the extreme right, anti-Semitic groups and growing lawlessness, France has never seemed so weak. The sudden death of the French president, Félix Faure, in the arms of his mistress, shakes the Third Republic further still. 
The tragic discovery of a young woman's torso in a suitcase floating on the Seine is the starting point of Paris Police 1900. A young and ambitious detective, Antoine Jouin (Jérémie Laheurte) bursts into the police force to take on the case. But his investigation will ultimately uncover a plot with unexpected implications.

With a budget of 16 million euros for its first season, this Canal Plus and Studiocanal production has been a resounding success with both critics and audiences. In France, the eight episodes were watched by an average of six million viewers. Celebrated graphic novel author Fabien Nury (I Am Legion, Once Upon a Time in France) is the creator, screenwriter and also the producer of Paris Police 1900.

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