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Sky Crime

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Sky Crime Italia

Delve into the stories behind the crime. The most interesting cases are complex, multi-layered, and full of twists and turns. The more you learn, the more you want to know; the more we find out, the more questions we have. Sky Crime is the preferred destination for true-crime lovers, a unique channel that offers the best international true-crime content and outstanding Italian local productions. A new obsessive journey to uncover the truth is about to commence.

The Italian House of Real Crime

Embark on a journey into the narratives concealed within the realm of criminal intrigue. The most captivating instances are intricate, layered, and abound with unexpected intricacies. The deeper your exploration, the more your curiosity intensifies; as revelations unfold, the mysteries evolve. Sky Crime stands as the ultimate sanctuary for aficionados of true-crime—an unparalleled channel featuring top-tier international true-crime content alongside exceptional Italian creations. Prepare to immerse yourself in a fresh, all-encompassing quest for truth.


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