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The HISTORY Channel Germany

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On The HISTORY Channel, exciting documentaries reveal that history is written in the past, present, and future. The HISTORY Channel constantly ventures into new perspectives and sets standards for modern TV productions through its multi-award-winning programmes, action-packed series and gripping documentaries. Local productions include "The Liberators", "Wigald & Fritz", and "Guardians of Heritage". The channel is available in Germany via pay-TV platforms such as Sky, Vodafone and Telekom. Selected content is available via VoD platforms, e.g. Sky Ticket. HISTORY Play is the on demand streaming channel available on Amazon, Apple and ScreenHits TV and offers new documentary formats every month.

Ancient Aliens

Today, more people than ever before believe that Unidentified Flying Objects are of alien origin. But if extra-terrestrials have come to Earth from lightyears away, could they be capable of bending both time and space? Might it even be possible that the UFOs in our skies are not visitors from other planets, but from our own future?

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