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Crime + Investigation Germany

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Crime + Investigation is the only TV channel across German territories showcasing non-fictional crime content, including a wide range of international and local factual crime docu-series. Crime + Investigation in Germany boasts over 300 TV premieres a year, including internationally acclaimed docu-series such as "The First 48", "Surviving Jeffrey Epstein," and "Secrets of Playboy," local German productions such as "The Invisible Line" and "Face to Face." C+I is available, e.g., via Sky, Vodafone, and Telekom.

Selected true-crime series from Crime + Investigation are available on-demand via the VoD platforms of the pay-TV partners, e.g., Sky Ticket. Crime + Investigation Play is the on-demand streaming channel from A+E Networks Germany on Amazon, Apple, and ScreenHits TV and offers new true crime documentaries every month.

1,5 Million Average Monthly Reach

Watch eg. via Sky, Vodafone and Telekom

Crime + Investigation Play is available on Prime Video, Apple TV and ScreenHits TV

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BTK – Im Kopf von Dennis Rader

On the surface Dennis Rader seemed like a "regular guy," but what lied beneath was a sinister fantasy life he enacted under the guise of his alter ego, BTK, while terrorizing Wichita, Kansas. Professor of forensic psychology, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, has been communicating with the serial killer for over 10 years and reveals the motivations behind his gruesome crime spree in this series.

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