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The leading factual channel across CEE

The HISTORY Channel brings you the most compelling documentaries and series exploring the events and people that shaped our world, from ancient empires to modern warfare. Home of the "The Curse of Oak Island”, "Forged In Fire", "Ancient Aliens” and “The UnXplained with William Shatner”, The HISTORY Channel engages the audiences across 17 CEE countries including Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Estonia, Albania, Montenegro, Lithuania and Latvia.  

Leading factual channel in the CEE Region

23 M subscribers

11 languages

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History’s Greatest Mysteries

History’s Greatest Mysteries is a one-hour documentary series that examines the top theories surrounding the world’s most enigmatic unsolved mysteries. Hosted and narrated by Academy Award® nominee and Emmy Award® winner Laurence Fishburne, each episode unpacks these puzzles with contributions from top historians, authors, scientists, and researchers. From unsolved crimes to lost and buried treasures, and the deaths and disappearances of famous figures, HISTORY’S GREATEST MYSTERIES will explore possible explanations to some of the world’s most confounding events.

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