US Drama Executive Producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire) Creates A New Real Life Murder Investigation Documentary Series Exclusively For CI- Dead Again

Crime + Investigation Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 13:00

Dead Again follows a trio of elite homicide detectives as they reinvestigate shocking and controversial murder cases to determine whether they reach the same conclusions as the original investigating teams and if new discoveries can be uncovered. The team is not familiar with the original cases and the investigation unfolds as a crime drama procedural. With real people and victims at the heart of these cases, there is a lot at stake.

A brand new series for Crime + Investigation® (CI), Dead Again brings together the reality of murder, from programmes like Homicide Hunter and The First 48 on CI, with the high-end dramatic experience of crime procedurals, such as CSI and Criminal Minds.

Executive produced by Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire, Dragnet), Dead Again assembles a team of real-life homicide investigators, including Joe Schillaci (The First 48), who will re-open some of the most mysterious and controversial murder cases, in which unresolved questions still linger long after the verdict was determined.

The elite team of investigators includes Detective Michele Wood, a homicide officer from Chicago with 13 years on the force; Detective Joe Schillaci, a 30-year veteran of the Miami PD with a background in homicide and undercover work and fan-favourite from The First 48; and Kevin “Spider” Gannon, a retired NYPD detective and supervisor.

In each episode, the most cutting-edge forensic methodology and research is used to physically recreate the crime scene of a murder, exactly as it was initially found. Once the scene is set, our team arrives to investigate the case as if it were happening now.

The team knows nothing about the case when they enter the scene.

After exploring the evidence, questioning witnesses, conducting interviews and talking to forensic experts – the team presents their theories to the original District Attorney, who will reveal the details of the original case, trial and verdict.

While many murder cases end in a verdict, in some cases, questions remain over whether the perpetrator is still out there. Will they come to the same conclusion as the original detectives? Our investigators’ work could lead to the re-opening of a case, or a reaffirmation that despite the controversy, the original detectives got it right.

Dead Again premieres on Crime + Investigation (Sky 553 / Virgin 275 / BT 380 / TalkTalk 380) from Wednesday 2 September at 10pm.