All female crew and cast create Lifetime® Christmas idents

Lifetime Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 08:15


Lifetime has created an on-air Christmas campaign using an all-female crew and cast for the first time. The team included A+E Director Rose James, Cinematographer Nicola Daley and Colourist Vicki Matich from Envy Post. Even the behind-the-scenes footage was shot by in-house creative Cristina Patino-Sheen. The idents also star members of A+E Networks UK staff.  The shoot took place at Retro hair salon Rockalily Cuts, Hoxton, London, owned by blogger ReeRee Rockette.

Koulla Anastasi, Director for Lifetime and Crime + Investigation at A+E Networks UK said: ‘’We really wanted to capture the excitement that real women experience ahead of a Christmas gathering; and were delighted to employ an all-female production crew, something very rare in British television, even today -  showing our commitment to empowering women in television.’’